Our overwraps are a great way to add your logo and brand your own line of tea. 
let guests take you with them when they leave. Tea bags are the perfect way to make sure your names stays with guests long after their stay is offer.  

Choose to overwrap our blends, and white label or create your own unique blends, 

Tea Overwraps

Custom Blends

With the resources and ability to do custom blends, we can create the perfect blend to highlight your property. 

Focus on your locale, or create hyperlocal blends named after landmarks right in your area. 

colors, secents, and flavors can add originality and Personality to your blends. 


Custom Envelopes

Customize Envelopes make great way to make sure your guests have fond memories of their stay. 

You can choose two teas, either your own custom blends, or use ours. Either way these envelopes make a statement. 

See an example here!


*MOQ is required for customized blends, overwraps and envelopes. 

Custom Blends, such as Cherry Blossom, are hyper local blends. This blends celebrates the region's local Cherry Blossom Festival, however it's celebrity has grown to extend the local area and has become a fan favorite. 

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